Introducing: The pocket-sized COLOUR IN series for all ages

Wherever, whenever – take a few minutes to relax by colouring in. 

If you'd like to purchase some colouring in books, let me know which ones and how many of each, as well as your shipping address and I can provide you with a quote. 

You can then purchase it via the PayPal button or via EFT. 

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Colouring in is great for relaxing.

It helps us to interrupt stress responses and over time we can attain a more peaceful state of mind. While we are busy choosing colours and colouring in the artwork, negative thoughts are blocked out, which helps us reduce stress responses and anxiety.

After about a week of colouring in for 20 minutes a day, one can start feeling a difference. We cultivate a sense of joy, calm and peace. It also improves our focus, work performance, resilience, imagination and creative potential. Over time, it can add up to a big and wonderful difference in our lives.

Colouring in books for all ages

Provide clients, staff or anyone who wants to relax, with colouring in books as well as pencils and a sharpener. It improves focus and work performance. In a lunch break or at home, colour in with colleagues, spouses or children - spending quality time with them while relaxing.

  • Lunch breaks
  • Waiting periods
  • Commuting
  • Holidays
  • Special occasions
  • Birthdays
  • Team building
  • Councelling
  • Workshops
  • Corporate gifts


Below are previews of the colouring in books in the series. There are a variety of themes that are suitable for all ages and all walks of life. The designs have positive or neutral themes that promote joy, calm and peace.

Colour in Series facebook page

colour in series 01

colour in series 02

colour in series 03

colour in series 04

colour in series 05

colour in series 06

colour in series 07

colour in series 08

colour in series 09

colour in series 10

colour in series 11

colour in series 12

colour in series 13

colour in series 14

colour in series 15


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